NewYork… Central Park

Hi all!Twinny returns!!

This time from Central Park , New York !

Made in the 1880’s !

Which great visionaire would make a park so huge with so much foresight… At a time when the city was not so humongous … Ingenious !.., A huge haven … An oasis of calm… Some 3.5 square miles…. Surrounded by beautiful skyscrapers .. As though in a valley…Completely man made … With a 22 acre lake in the centre…

Truly beautiful !

Made for all .. To rest relax rejuvenate … Open all day till 1am morning
You can sit and just do nothing under the trees, cycle around…

Play chess

Walk your dog in special enclosures

Take a boat ride

Listen to musicians play

Sit around an amphitheatre and watch street performers do their act


Have your picture painted

Take a horsecart ride

Just walk around….

or even exchange your wedding vows…!

The part of Central Park I just love is a triangular section called ‘STRAWBERRY FEILDS ‘. It has trees donated by various countries and a special mosaic from Naples … dedicated to the iconic singer songwriter and musician John Lennon .. Called ‘imagine’..

The amazing peace activist and best voice of the Beatles … Was shot in 1980…

Outside his Dakota home … Opposite Central Park where he and his wife yoko Ono would often walk…..

He was just 40 yrs old!

Quickwitted ,extremely sharp… No one loved Yoko Ono the way he did… He even made his name John Ono Lennon!

On the day of his death he gave

an interview and nude photo shoot to the Rolling Stones magazine which became the best cover ever…

Ya that’s john and yoko!!!

And here the iconic Beatles…

Here are the lyrics of and the actual song … Imagine!

Amazing isn’t it?
The album won quite a few awards ..and was one of the best 500 songs ever written…

John Lennon and his simple Philosophy…

Here’s a picture of the newyork library …. Huger than it looks.. And Superbly beautiful with an exhaustive collection… Didn’t enter it !! Too enamoured from outside itself!

And here is the ‘library way’ leading upto the New York library …

Paved with interesting inspirational sayings… To read on …. Have a look

And one more…

And finally …

So true!

Twinny will be back .. more stories ,

More lifetruths….


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