NewYork… Brooklyn Bridge

Hi all! Welcome to Thursday’s date with Twinny…!

Bridges in China may be longer, higher , larger… But many regard The Brooklyn Bridge … The most beautiful in the world…

It was the worlds FIRST   STEEL WIRED SUSPENSION  BRIDGE  and has inspired painters like Andy Warhol

Playwrights like Arthur Miller

Movies like Spider-Man and Moonstruck… Advertisers have used this bridge to sell just about anything from Vaseline to absolute vodka…

Completed after14 years the bridge opened in 1883 with much celebration… A shout from the crowd that the bridge was collapsing caused mayhem and the trampling death of 12 pedestrians..,

The following year 21 elephants walked over the bridge to prove that indeed it was very strong……. not only strong.. it is spectacular .. an engineering marvel!!

Here’s a classic photo of painters posing on the bridges wires…

And another of   earphones and scrunchies tied to the bridges strong steel wires to commemorate a couples love…

Our Mumbai sealink is also an architectural marvel but lacks the promenade of the Brooklyn bridge… For walkers and cyclists … Which the architect JOHN ROEBLING felt would have ‘incalculable’ value in later years.. What foresight! It certainly did!!
How beautiful and romantic is it to walk hand in hand on the bridge… Or for that matter anywhere..!!No rush no worry no care!!!

Here’s a picture of the PEREGRINE  FALCON  ‘at home’ on the Brooklyn bridge..these are the fastest flying birds on earth reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour , diving and catching their prey midair!

They are seen nesting on Newyork bridges and skyscrapers … Were declared endangered because of DDT poisoning.. This insecticide was banned in the USA in 1972 despite being a star product of world war 2 …. The person who invented DDT was in fact awarded the Nobel prize in 1948!

DDT is banned in India too ..since 1989 , but we still use….Because it is cheap, effective and our bugs too many!!

The peregrine falcon is Not to be confused with the BALD EAGLE which is the NATIONAL bird of America …… Whyever do the Yankees call it bald ??! So many feathers on its distinctive white head!!!

And now am off … See you next week same time … At Grand Central station New York !!!

Just some trivia before I leave….

The Lost and Found dept in GRAND  CENTRAL  Station  has probably the best ‘return rate ‘ in the world… If you loose anything ..your specs, your wallet, your i- phone….. You find it!!


Not sure I want to find …

… The 300 gms I have just lost!!!!


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