Washington DC… the Capital!

Hi! Twinny now in Washington, D.C.! Finally!

D.C.   ….for district of Colombia … Because discovered by Christopher Columbus !

Washington ….because of George Washington …who decided that this compact 8 square miles on the Potomac river would be CAPITAL  of the worlds foremost nation!

Let’s begin with the White House …

All 44 presidents have lived in it except George Washington .. ! Why ?

Simply because It wasn’t ready!

Made in 1800, oil lamps lit up this Georgian construction till electricity introduced in 1891…..

Meetings both ceremonial and important have taken place in the Oval Office…

Scandals too! Humans after all ,human ! Can recall scandals all too vividly… Whether Watergate and Richard Nixon …

Or Monica and Bill !

‘Ask not what the country can do for you …instead… Ask what you can do for your country’…

These famous words part of invocation speech of everyone’s all time favourite president JOHN F KENNEDY 35th and youngest elected president of the US. Only 43 years old when elected..Erudite charming , charismatic ,quick decision maker…

with an open progressive agenda, he…

Inspired optimism.

Very few knew he suffered from Addison’s disease .. Yet  he was always energetic..

Twinny’s dearest friend Mekhela  and  she would do a prayer service for JFK on his every birth and death anniversary (may 29th 1917 and..Nov 22nd 1963 respectively)…

Of course …They were young teens and smitten!!

Carried away with the romance of the Kennedy family history…..!

Here is a picture of the handsome JFK and his wife Jackie

And of the completely irresistible Marilyn Monroe!!

.. singing ‘happy birthday ‘ to  the President  …..in 1962

Like Abraham Lincoln JFK too ,

horrifically assassinated in 1963 ,3 yrs into his presidency..while travelling to Dallas in a motorcade..

Visited the Arlington cemetery where his grave lies …,lit poignantly and permanently by an ‘ eternal flame’

And wondered ..’just why??’

Next to Arlington and Across the Potomac is an enormous pentagonal shaped building…. Of course it’s called…. The PENTAGON.. !Headquarters of US defense…HUGE! Over 6 million square feet .

Symbol of American military strength …

Construction started on September 11 th 1941

60 years later to the day Sept 11 th 2011 terrorists attacked and destroyed one third of it …

Resilience key to humanity … The building repaired and functioning within a year!

Acapella ……Means singing without any instruments ….

In the nearby university of Pennsylvania .. Is a group of 15 south Asian boys who have perfected the art… Of acapella . Group called ‘ PENN MASALA’

Recently they sang in Mumbai …

Simply amazing…

Please hear … You will be zapped out of your mind… Remember it’s just their voices , no instruments!!

Comin up …. folks!!

Ain’t that Groovy??!

American slang for ‘too good’!

And finally here are some pictures of cheery ” cherry blossoms ”in Washington.

They  Bloom seasonally…

….every year in April ..

Cherry blossoms beautiful …!

But  here’s a picture of Twinny with her very own cherry blossom……

Cherry Blossom Boot polish… Still the very best!!!

Bye!!! See you all next week in  freshly polished shoes!👞👞!

.. Lots of love twinny!

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