Hi all ! Brace yourselves for one long ride….Twinny in celebratory mood… And conveniently in city that loves to party… Mads and Biraj’s favourite city …BOSTON!

Right from 1773!

American colonists dressed up as native Indians , boarded 3 ships and gaily tipped 342 crates of tea into the Boston harbour…

The Boston Tea Party!!!

Tea was lost

But lost more was the imperial British temper!!!

Instantly Punishing Acts passed… Catapulting

a chain of events leading  straight to the American WAR of independence in 1776!

Ah Freedom at last !!


Commemorated by artistic, mostly bronze statues of Boston greats… In Boston commons… In Newbury street … don’t have to take a specially guided Boston Duck tour… To see them…They are all over!!

Boston could easily be called City of Statues !!

Boston Commons , by the way is a 50 acre park, the oldest in the whole country !! Pope John Paul II and Martin Luther King Jr. have spoken here….


.. Of the nation… Both in Boston!

Oldest subway ,but as efficient as subways of London,Glasgow ,Budapest …

“Old ” and historical this city maybe ..but it sure is modern and tuned into the ‘now’… Boston was the FIRST city in the US to LEGALISE  GAY or  SAME SEX MARRIAGES in 2003..! Since June 26 th 2015 …all 50 states of the Union decided to follow suit … 👏🏼👏🏼!

Boston home to the creme de la creme of universities ….

Harvard ..


Berklee College of Music….

Alumni members of Harvard include Bill Gates,

Barack and Michelle Obama and Mike Zuckerberg …

Need I say more ??!

Here are pictures of the amazing MIT campus( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and 2 alumni members… Our very own ex Governor ,Reserve Bank of India…. Raghuram Rajan and

Shiva ayyadurai … Inventor of Email!

Email been around since 1982……we in second Mbbs then….

So long long ago…!

Nor is it an exaggeration to say that Boston is the centre of  ART and MUSIC in the US!The number of art hubs and music clubs is astounding…!

The Boston symphony hall is where Broadway shows are often created and practised before being staged in newyork

Twinny very keen to know about OPERA ..This complete and compelling art form joins poetry drama music..with emotion ….On subjects like forbidden love …ah so exciting …!

To sing opera requires gruelling hours to first study the script ( libretto) , set it to a musical score and train the voice to sing loud and long …with emotion… Singing could be in Italian German russian or french ..

Here’s the Boston symphony hall .. One of the worlds best three in acoustics ….

Remember dr Raj Rao ?. 2 years our senior.. Well ….here’s a video clip of his daughter Saloni … Singing opera… Twinny taken aback by the maturity in her voice… someday this 17 year old will be one with the likes of the most famous opera singers the world has ever produced …. Maria Callas

And Luciano Pavarotti ..

Listen in…

Americans love their basements !!! In an American home a basement very handy and Quite a lived – in space ….In the basement of his very posh town house … Raj’s son Cameron serenaded us on his

saxophone .. Am posting this piece with wishes galore for the entire gs 80 batch …on this our first anniversary …

Here’s to all of us…!!!

And That’s not all..!

Jews celebrate longevity of their relationships by breaking a glass !

This is done by the groom for his bride… On their wedding day , post which the celebrations begin!!!Break a glass and let the celebrations begin….??! The logic??

Well … Once a glass is broken it can never get back to its original form .. How can it??

So also once this glass is broken ( the one that  Twinny is going to stomp on … Er just now …)

The group can never hope to be seperate entities or revert to their singular selves ever again !!!

Outlandish ??!

No ….just Jewish !!!

Haha… That was one big PJ!! Vivek Mehan .. King of PJs .. Move over….Twinny is here!!!

But  today …Put your brainy heads aside … Just this once … Just for today ….guys and gals… Today’s our day to celebrate … our first anniversary of the game medical group 1980 batch on WA!

Here it comes….

Twinny a tad tentative!!…  And  quite chicken!!

Convinces trusted  househelp Bahadur ….

To Break the glass !!!!

Ready steady go….

MAZEL TOV!!! To  us!!!


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