Art musings with Amruta- Cubism

Hi all!Welcome to Art Musings with Amrita !!
We all very modern… So thought should start with Cubism .. Forerunner of

Modern art …

What is Cubism? Avante garde art style ….of the Early 20 th century …

Simply… objects are analysed , broken up and reassembled..

Usually a painter paints from a fixed viewpoint .. As though he were painting a photograph .. But In cubism there are multiple view points to see same object, then object broken up and reassembled and superimposed sort of collage … So all in all , very abstract …not very pretty, but symbolic…

Have a look at a few cubist works ….

So who invented cubism? Two masters…

The prolific father of modern art … Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque …. They both friends actually , born within a year of each other 1881/ 82…and their cubist styles so similar that sometimes indistinguishable …

But as persons very different .. Pablo flamboyant notorious

Braque quiet serious ..

Here are Braque and Picasso …..with a quote from each ….

Emotions Experiences of life Environments…..,,all lend to what an artist trying to depict … So Pablo had his ‘blue period’ when he lived in poverty in Spain … All works appeared rather sad and blue …

‘ rose period ‘ when he was more buoyant ..enjoying life to the hilt in Paris … and a period where ‘African ‘ art influenced him and cubism was born… Here are pictures…One each of the Blue ,Rose and African art period… It was difficult to choose which picture to post ….Picassos body of work is tremendous !!

People very amazed by many paintings of Picassos ..but especially this one ..Named Les desmoiselles D’ Avignon …It depicts five prostitutes in various poses …. Pink Cubist but Unusual for its time … Not because of the nudes .. More because of the aggressive blatant sexuality portrayed …Rather novel at the time… when other artists conservative

Georges Braque died in 1963 … 10 years before Picasso ..An accomplished sculptor and musician .. He Often would paint a clarinet/ guitar / violin…

Though Picasso moved to all sorts of styles … Like surreal / abstract …

Braque held on to the monochromatic fragmented style of cubism… Here are 3 pictures … Man with guitar

Violin and candlestick

Houses at estaque ….

Yes you will have to really look for them….

Many many artists followed in the footsteps of Braque and Picasso … right from 1901 to 1921 ..the end of the cubist period …Jean metzinger Painted ‘teatime ‘

Called the ‘Mona Lisa of cubism’ … Because though cubist ,it had a touch of realism … ( you can make out that here is a woman drinking tea!)

So guys and gals that’s cubism… !

.,You could try at home … Take apart an object and rearrange …Like rearranging life …

Sometimes this paradigm shift in life makes all the difference…

The important thing here is to think ‘Out Of The Box’

And to do that … Well .. Just Get into the Box ….!


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