Art with Amruta ..surrealistic art

Hi all!Amruta back !

With my art musings!

Today will present art NOT to amuse

But to bemuse…or rather

To baffle!

To stun!

To unnerve!


Above .. the group of surrealist painters…

And below a caricature of these famous eccentrics….

Art of the 1920 ‘s .. Centred in PARIS …Just post world war 1… Born out of DADAISM … (Yes that is a word!…a type of pessimistic brooding Violent Anti -Art) SURREAL art is a free flow ,completely non -restricted art ….painting the complex processes of THOUGHT/ IMAGINATION/ MEMORY … The SUBCONSCIOUS !!!

Have a look….

Try remembering the dream you had last night .., now try painting it on paper … What would you see?
Random objects ? Sizes shapes different from the actual, placed in tandem juxtaposition or in free fall ??

Set in a utopian world ????

With swaying sea urchins , seals ???!

Anything anyhow …!!!

That’s what surreal artists tried to capture on their canvases !!


Their fears ,their guilt ,misjudgements, their failures ,their sexual fantasies … Just about anything !!SUR.. Means ‘beyond’


Means’ Reality ‘

SURREAL … Beyond reality !!!

ANDRE BRETON was the true POPE of surrealism !!… 1896 – 1966
He was a doctor / aesthetician who wrote the Manifesto of Surrealism..

He had a great interest in psychiatric art( Tarun/ guys will probably understand Surreal art best!)

And believed in AUTOMATIC handwriting and painting!!

Under Selfhypnosis he held free reign on the canvas…it was He who said ….if you can’t imagine a horse …

Galloping on a tomato .. You doomed …!

We too !!Look at some of his works …

And here is Andre Breton himself with a few  words…

It was also the era of the Austrian neurologist SIGMUND FREUD … The genius who created Psychoanalysis (1856 -1939)… It was he who Conceptualised ”id , ego, superego’ , the Oedipus complex, ‘oral -anal -phallic theories … And of course …His ‘interpretation of dreams’ — ‘Not interpreting a dream is like leaving a letter unopened..’.

Surreal artists were greatly inspired…Now they spoke freely on their canvas painting repressed ideas , wish fulfillments , fantasies .. Etc.

Frued the Iconic German Jew is seen here smoking his pipe … ( he finally got cancer of the jaw and asked for euthanasia )….along with a picture of his London home where he was bestowed asylum from Nazi Germany ….

It was really NOT necessary to understand Surreal Art !!
50 % surrealists painted WITHOUT any agenda whatsoever …they were great artists mind you …who just …let the picture happen!!

Various techniques were employed to achieve

this …

DRIP painting.., paint dripping onto the canvas from a moving can!

FUMAGE.. Use of candles below paper to give myriad patterns of soot…

GRATTAGE…here painted canvas placed over a wire mesh… Then paint scraped to reveal the textured bottom…

FROTTAGE… Easiest to demonstrate …take a paper .. Place on textured surface … Then rub pencil/ crayon over .. Like so ….

So 50 % surreal art is actually only about colours textures techniques….And the remaining 50% ..????They REALLY had something to say !!Only you needed an EXPANDED vision to see it … !!

Here is SALVADOR DALI ( 1904 – 1989)

The most famous Surrealist artist ever!!

To understand him .., first understand his moustache !!!

Eccentric, excessive,

humungously creative …SALVADOR scandalised all! Coming up …..are his most famous paintings …

‘THE PERSISTENCE of MEMORY’ ‘…Showing melting clock pieces…

Next are Dalis paintings inspired by his catholic leanings …

Followed by scores of others ….all rich in artistic eccentricity, optical illusions and shock value!

Ending with his queer ( to say the least) LOBSTER telephone and MAE WEST LIPS sofa !

With his prodigious output and showmanship this Maverick artist never ceased to amaze and intrigue !!


Next are the paintings of RENE MAGRITTE …
1898- 1967…

Clean clear images with a subtle message

In ‘ SON of MAN’ … A man with coat and bowler hat …behind an outsized Apple … To show that there’s always something hidden BEHIND what is hidden….

Next a picture of a PIPE with a caption … ”THIS IS NOT A PIPE!’

Hey but it is !!

Next GOLCONDA …Many men in bowler hats suspended in space going up ,going down like the fortunes of Golconda!!!Yes … Same to same Golconda ..from our very own Andhra Pradesh with all those ravaged diamonds and princely wealth!!!

And the last ….. ‘THE LOVERS’… Am an Eternal romantic so naturally … This is My favourite …!!!

But …

Skewed / double skewed Meanings …

Enough to blow your mind…’phew!’…See for yourself …..

The list of surreal art and surreal artists goes on and on!

Chirico/Miro/ Max Ernst/ManRay…….

And though this art spanned only the time period between the two world wars … Its had a profound impact on


and ADVERTISING…… …many surreal ideas lifted straight from Rene Magrittes pictures!!

So I see Twinny .. You quite taken in with the surreal… And now you want to paint … surreal art .. ??

Yourself ???

Are you sure ?

Not that easy … You know …

To do it right…..

Have A good nap … ….!

with the Dali moustache on…of course!!!

This way better !

Bye all! …

Gotcha Twinny!!😬!

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