Art with Amruta.. Pop Art!

Hi all!It’s Thursday !

And it’s me

ISABELLA ..! Time to Indulge……

In easy -to -make teatime treats like Nutella Crepes!


And here are your ready to eat Nutella Crepes!2016-11-07-photo-00000518

IZZZAABELLA … !!!!This is JUNK food … !!!!

I know! I know TWINNY !!

Junk food/ comfort food / quick instant food …purrrfect….for AMRUTAS Art presentation today… POP ART!!!

Merci Isabella for your intro … !

Twinny always ready to pop/jump the gun!!! But ….

let’s fire away..!

Today’s topic…


This art movement started in the mid 1950 ‘s in England

And in the late 1950’s in the US … World War 2….

…had just happened..(1945 )….People tired….in Repair mode.., slowly getting back on their feet .. No one in the mood for dark complex art…

surrealist or abstract … Nor for art dealing with morality /history /mythology … What they wanted was non- intellectual easy -to -understand ‘in -your- face ‘ things , ‘fun ,flippant happy ‘ art !!

By the early 1960’s there also began a sudden boom in manufacturing and the media … The age of consumerism was emerging .. And developing at breakneck speed …So up popped ‘pop art’!!

Using everyday kitschy stuff , turning it around , presenting bright images,

Trendy , not -necessarily -smart messages …!

Have a look…

If one were to choose one icon of pop art .. Hands down ANDY WARHOL would win!!!

( August 6th 1928- 1987)

A very successful magazine illustrator ( Glamour magazine)..and graphic artist..

He began a style much emulated today .. Mass producing everyday commercial images in a frankly literal but stylised way ,appealing to the masses. At first he used to paint each image one by one….then he switched to

screen printing ….

Gay , very fond of wigs , wildly creative … His output…. Prolific!

The museum dedicated to him is the largest in the US ….to a single artist ….

Have one long look at this cool dude!!!

He ran an art studio… ‘THE FACTORY…’And had the cream of NewYork’s a-listers in and out of it…He loved the glamorous world of stars….actors, singing legends political bigwigs….

Producing stylised art of / for Marilyn Monroe , Elvis , Mick Jagger, Jackie Onassis …To name a few …

Pop art was in his books ‘very literal !!!’

If you were painting Mickey Mouse … You would see only Mickey Mouse .. No ifs, ands or buts!!!

If you wanted to paint Campbell’s soup cans … Well …you would see only Campbell soup cans !!!

He had a solo exhibition in LA with 100 canvases of .. Campbell soup cans !!!

Instantly Andy Warhol was on the world pop art map!

He loved to keep everyone guessing … As to his next venture…

Be it in fashion (paper dresses), photography ,silk screen printing , making films or presenting television shows….. And hey…

The first person to make DIGITAL computer art (in1984 )was Andy Warhol!!!…. In the world!!!

Here are a few more of his works …

Art aside Andy Warhol ‘QUOTES’ quite simple yet eclectic… ..One of his famous lines”Each person has their 15 mins of world fame ”…sometime in their lives …

Pradeep you in your 15 minutes of fame right now .. and I think for you .. might stretch to an entire day!!!

But guys / gals if your time in the sun…has not yet arrived….Don’t despair .. It will !!!

Some other quotes…

COMICS already were a fashion ….the first cartoon strip was made way back in the 1830’s….

Popularised as satire through the ages.. But reaching the widest audience with

Adventures of

TINTIN…1929 …by Belgian artist Herge…..

Then ARCHIES and Riverdale high.. 1939

Then ASTERIX…By the French Belgian Goscinny and Uderzo – 1959… And so on and so forth ..

Pop art started featuring comic characters and …ROY LICHTENSTEIN …Was particularly adept at it….

Have a look….

Not only comics…Pop art influences were seen every where ….




cool ,bold , sensational!!

Have a look at how fashion has been influenced by pop art…
Now isn’t that cool Twinny ?!

Yup right up my street Amruta …

But look at you … Amruta ….. Can’t seem to shrug off that ‘ART GEEK image’ of yours …specs and all….

Here …take this bag And sling it over your shoulder ….

And Isabella … Give her a coke !!

Yes …..Coke Zero!

Low cal and lite !!

That’s  cool!

Byeeee! See you all next week!!

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