Greece….Santorini Sunset 

When God was about to distribute his 7 sacks of rocks ..
He decided to pour 6 over Greece!
So rocky and mountainous is this terrain!
80% mountains
20% idyllic romantic islands.. The Greek Cyclades….
Have a look…

The Minoan civilisation of ancient Greece may not be as old as the Indus Valley .. But it beats all ancient civilisations in the level of advancement …
The excavation sites on the islands ofCrete and Thera( now Santorini)… Show three storey buildings , a market square ,banks, homes with perfect drainage systems and a fleet of ships for trade … Greece till a few years ago constructed 65% of the worlds ships
Simply astounding !
Considering… all this happened..4000 years ago….in 2600 BC!

These amphoras , this prehistoric art.. All existing till today ??!
Incredible !!
Is it really true..Amruta??
Yes Twinny!!
FRESCOES…Beautiful in colours of the volcanic earth .. Red blue ,black and white have been uncovered at the excavation sites …..though mummified by the volcanic ash…They are so prolific and beautiful .. This level of art again seen only in the time of Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci!!
Have a look and decide for yourself …

How these relics survived 4000 years is a mystery ..considering the Mediterranean weather so dry ,windy ,hot with only 2 months of rain in winter…
But luckily volcanic soil is hygroscopic …!
So even plants grew… luscious though small, juicy
Tomatoes ….So also olives and grapes !Naturally wine pressed out from the grapes and olive oil pressed out from the olives.. And naturally therefore … Began a buzzing trade with distant lands… !
Easy …because of the worlds best fleet ….to transport it out .. Winning combination!!

And the one thing that wins any Greeks heart …..Is aubergine / eggplant / baingan.. !!
You better like aubergines … In Greece….
They serve it all the time … With cheese, with tomato paste, on their own…!
Isabella .. Don’t tell me you are going to make an aubergine appetizer today .,??
No Twinny ..
Today’s special is
Greek Salad!!!
Coming right up…

So you see .. The Greeks love to cook!

The first RECIPE book ever written in the world was Greek .. In 4th century BC!!
They love to eat , to share, to celebrate and talk all at once!
And when they done with the wine and the salad and the cheese … They just lie back…and relax…in the sinful Mediterranean sun…
Like Greek gods and goddesses did …..
Like so….

Bye !!
Off for a swim and a snooze ….!
Amruta/ Isabella come on … Hurry up!
Bahadur aaj Kya hai dinner ke liye ??
Baingan memsaheb…
Oh no no no!!!!😡😡😡!

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