I’ve never been tech savvy in my life. Though I am a Doctor, a qualified MBBS and DVD, Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, the capabilities of my smartphone frequently astounded me and left me flummoxed to say the very least.

That is, until I reconnected with my medical college group 35 years after we graduated! I discovered the joy of having all my fellow med students, (now grown doctors with a bald patch or two!) at the tip of my finger tips!

Whatsapp, I tell you, is definitely a modern marvel. Suddenly, we were all sharing news, jokes and laughs, stories and songs with each other. It is certainly an extremely active chat group, with roughly 120 members and upto 150-200 posts a day! My fellow doctors and peers suddenly filled a void I didn’t know I had. My children had grown up by then, were fairly independent and managing their own lives. Now, instead of reading a page of PG Wodehouse and passing out after a long day of work, I updated myself and learnt new things everyday just reading the posts by doctors in our GS Medical Batch, who were spread all over the world. And the best part? Absolutely none of the posts had anything to do with medicine!

Music, Art, Poetry, Food! So many things to learn about, so much to read! The internet opened up an entirely new avenue for me. I had always loved art, I am a closet furniture shopaholic, I love to dance, I even (foolishly) think I can sing. I loved to read, but was often too tired to. My body may be 54, but my mind is 21. I like to write, but never developed my writing. Too caught up in bringing up my children and in my work. The group became a break from my workaholic habits. Soon, I wanted to start contributing and posting things I had learned too!

Then came the real eye-opener – My husband Bunty and I travelled to the US for the very first time. A country that is so Big and Beautiful, and so inspiring, my inner ‘Jeeves/Shakespeare/Hemingway’ now came out and took a long stretch. And so, Travels with Twinny was born. Using my newly discovered alter-egos, I began to post about my holiday to my GSM group. Soon, I had covered as much as I could about my holiday. Every Thursday, a post went up – sometimes about Bridges in New York, other times some fun facts. I read all week, wrote, rewrote and tore my hair out, but I had so much fun! After my travelogue was done, I couldn’t stop there! There are so many things in this beautiful world that I am passionate about, that I have a thirst to discover. This IS my second learning, after all. Next of course, was Art! Anything I find interesting, any kind of Art. I say ‘I’, but I mean Amrita of course! My other alter ego (hehe).  My group began to push me to make my posts into a blog – And so her it is, here it continues – Next, who knows? It might be Cooking with Connie, or Music with Maya!

Stay Tuned! J



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Radhika, Vivek told me he just bumped into you at golden dragon. And I decided to google you to send you a message. This is what I found.
    Very cute and fun blog. You look fabulous !
    Keep in touch . Anita


    1. Hiiii Anita!
      Yes it was great meeting Mum and Vivek !
      He was cheery and a picture of patience !
      Simply love him!
      The world is loomingly large but can connect with anyone in a trice!
      Thanks for making the effort!
      Remember your dimpled smile clearly and the way it lit your face !


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