Thailand…luck and ladyboys…

Hiiii all!
 Twinny simply thrilled !!!

When in Thailand she got to meet her long lost cousin….

And Finally discovered the meaning of the phrase ”WHITE ELEPHANT !’

The WHITE elephant ( not actually albino .. just paler … pinky dusky in complexion) is very special …! Associated with Royalty…
Sacred too… CANNOT be made to work …!

The KING of Thailand would gift a white elephant ALONG with a piece of land to a person he was happy with…

But to the person… with whom he was DISPLEASED…. he would ONLY gift the elephant…

Oh no !!
Where to keep the elephant???

Instead of being of use eg in lifting logs ….the gifted elephant would have to be looked after, fed , exercised daily ! This FORCED upkeep could drain a person financially !!

 Hence the lament … ‘oh this is a white elephant is a gift .. I cannot make use of it .. 

Nor can I give it away !

Boo hoo!!!

 Elephants 🐘 are a symbol of strength , wisdom .. they have the biggest brains amongst land mammals
And when anyone says .. wow you have a memory like an elephant… it’s a major compliment..

These pachyderms are so gentle one can hardly hear them tread the ground… they sensitive ,caring ,altruistic expressing joy ,grief ,compassion…
They also good swimmers..Watch!

And lucky too!!
Place a statue of an elephant with ITS TRUNK UP….and face it to the door ….good luck will just pour in..!!!

Like so…

The lifespan of an elephant about same as humans .. they used mainly for logging .. working the whole day, having a lunch hour ,nap etc and a retirement age!

 Begin logging at 20 years

Retire 35 years later!!

Logging banned in Thailand ( since 1989) so elephants used more as entertainers.. playing football , painting with their trunks, having tug of war matches( 70 men on one side .. one elephant on other…)
Elephant racing too a popular sport…

 Unfortunately only 3000 or so of these mighty trumpeteers ,the NATIONAL animal of Thailand 🇹🇭 are left…

What is in abundance ..however …in Thailand …is the number of ladyboys or transgenders….

And just who are transgenders?? Well when one is born .. one is assigned a sex .. male or female ..
As one grows .. there is an inner leaning or pull towards the sex one most identifies with….

This could be different than the assigned birth sex…

By hormone therapy or surgery one may ‘TRANSITION ‘to the sexual variant one leans towards ..

Transgenders out in the open in Thailand .. as

Thais basically very compassionate people …their Buddhist philosophy makes them more accepting .. so people freer to express who they really are.

NOT that there is NO discrimination … but

it is certainly more subtle …

And definitely less than 

in other parts of the world …

As you can see…
Some of the ladyboys stunningly beautiful….

As models too they are amazingly convincing and as entertainers…terrific!

Performing in shows like Calypso…competing with NewYorks Broadway!!

The philosophy of live and let live … big in Thailand …
One can be normal and a cross dresser 

A cross dresser and gay 

Gay and not a cross dresser…etc etc

It wouldn’t matter a pi!

Choices aplenty….!

And when choices are a plenty ….What to do ?What not to do ?

Example …

In this highfalutin loo…???

Should one press button for feminine wash?
posterior wash ?

enema ?

Should nozzle be directed up /down?

Should pressure be increased/ decreased?

Should the spray be 

Oscillating ?

Pulsating ?

Rhythmic ?

Should one wipe dry 

or be air dried … 


Twinny spoilt for choice …!

Decides to Try all buttons ..what’s to loose ??

Only one life!!!

2 thoughts on “Thailand…luck and ladyboys…

  1. Thailand for me is a great get away resort with no hassels and space to ones self.people respect ones privacy and believe in the theory of live and let live.l love coming here at any opportunity.


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