Art with Amruta… Futurism

Twinny always hogging time and space…but she’s  on ‘chutti ‘!


So here I am….Amruta !!

Here to present …

Art with Amruta!!

Cars , Trains, Planes …!
In this day and age .. we take for granted…

But in the late 18 th / early 19 th century these were a NOVELTY , a fascination!

That one could MOVE FAST on land, sea  air  was thrilling….the age of mechanisation/ industrialisation had just arrived!

ARTISTS in ITALY were the FIRST to spring forth with a new type of art …FUTURISM …


Fillipo Marinetti wrote a fiery manifesto in 1909 proclaiming the tenets of this art…

He was joined by others all equally rebellious ,despising anything old …wanting only the ‘New’!

 Futurism was a type of art ,completely different from the renaissance and baroque eras.. 

DYNAMIC!  SPECTACULAR !! Endorsing violence ,city life, noise ,rebellion

Have a look at a few works…a faraway cry from the passivity ( PASSATISMO)….

Of previous works!

Artists used the help of photographs.. time based ( chronophotograhy) to depict movement…Avi , you can relate to this….!

 Here is Giacamo Ballos .. ‘Dynamism of a dog on a leash’

Here a dog is simply being walked by a dog walker .. both seen as a blur in motion…

Here are other pictures depicting motion……. Riding a motorcycle..
Passengers moving….

Trains  hurtling through the city… So you get the general gist …Soaring ,flying ,speeding …..symbolic of power /modernity-hey one can feel movement in each picture!

Some futurists found painting a canvas too constricting… So moved to 

Here is Umberto Boccionis piece 

‘Unique forms of continuity!’

Showing movement ….


Coincidentally Very similar to the statue of Nike of 130 BC 

Commemorated on each 20 cent Euro coin ….

Here another sculpture ….by Raymond Duchamp entitled HORSE 

Now does one see a horse ..??


Just one hoof … !

Encapsulated by a mass of heavy metal.. signifying 

how horses were being less and less used as vehicles of transport .., more and more replaced by man made machines ….

Simple yet esoteric!


Esoteric yet simple decide!
Sometimes futurists borrowed from cubists ..

The futurists loved to provoke/ scream out their views….they met at ‘Futurist evenings’ .. spouting new age poetry, displaying their fiery brand of art , discussing politics .. at this time Mussolinis fascist diktats their favourite!

They would happily excite /ignite a riot… if only they could!

They thought this way a more energised ,stronger, newer society would emerge!!!

Unfortunately Futuristic art was shortlived as World War 1 soon broke out .. and many of the futurist artists enlisted as soldiers and later perished.

  SECOND GENERATION FUTURISTS did appear post the war…one of them being Marinettis wife Beneditta… this was surprising …as futurists were so openly anti women!.. 

She was one of the Aeropainters! AEROPITTURA!!

This is art taken from a different perspective altogether .. FROM the SKY !!

Amazing and Dizzying!!

Below are examples…

‘ Before the parachute opens’ by Cralli

And Benedittas …

And still others….

Though around for only ..

20 years or so

Futurism has had a huge impact on  graphic art , furniture design , interior design ,movies.. ..everything…!

Futurists glorified modernity…. celebrated speed..!. 100 years down the line.. so much has happened…
Can SPEED get any faster…???!

Have decided to go the other way Tonight….

OFF to a PARTY….

Chal meri dhanno!!!!


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