Indulge with Isabella…..chocolate biscuit cake

Hi … Back again am I….Isabella…..All set to churn up…….

Easy- to -do recipes…..

Which any Tom ,Dick ,Twinny or Amruta .. can manage…

Here goes!

So I took ….half a kg of butter.. Amul is excellent!
…..I box of Cadbury Cocoa

And Icing sugar (double the amount of cocoa)

And mixed ..mixed …mixed! 

Till smooth and creamy!

 Second step coming right up….

Parle – G biscuits are really fresh…something to do with the WAX PAPER they are wrapped in!
Tasty too!!

With a cup of chai .. could have endless!

No wonder the sale of Parle-G biscuit pkts crossed the 5000 crores mark by 2013!

I ALONE have used 12 in this cake!!

Yes …it’s a simple recipe with 3 SHORT steps ….
Which ahem…… take super-LONG to complete!!

Biscuits/ chocolate/ biscuits/ chocolate…….

And now the finale……

Ah finally ready !
Walnuts all the way from California… two thirds of the worlds walnuts produced there!!

These edible seeds the finishing and perhaps the ONLY HEALTHY touch to this super rich cake!!!!

That’s not fair .. chocolate and glucose in biscuits healthy too!!!

SEVEN WALNUTS a day recommended to reduce bad fat, as power food ,as brain food ,as satiety food ..

Great for a good nights sleep too!!!

And hey they even increase sperm count!!!

 Well that was unnecessary ‘info’ Isabella…!!
Ok ok Twinny !! Always criticising….


Place your chocolate biscuit cake in the fridge…

And Remember ….take it out 10 mins before serving……..
Bon Appetite!!!

NOW ….just suppose you DONT have quite the TIME and ENERGY  for a cake …
Make instead  HOT CHOCOLATE SAUCE… and pour on Amul vanilla ice cream…


This recipe was learnt from a  very handsome cousin.. Indias National Junior Golf Champion of 1983……the prolific RANJIT NANDA! Here is his picture….

And here’s his  recipe.. for quick yummy hot chocolate sauce…..

Mercy Beacoup Cousin!!!


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