Indulge with Isabella….Halwa,Chana,Poorie

Hi all!Isabella back …in an unusual religious mood….Happy to perform Kanya / Kanjak Pooja…!!!

And what might this be??It is a dedication to Goddess Durga and her nine forms…

… and is the CUTEST religious festival ever!
7 or 9 young girls are invited , their feet washed, a red thread ( mauli) tied to their wrists, and fed a simple meal of Black Chana and Halwa Poorie!

Why specifically these??

Goddess Durga simply loved them!!

It is performed on the 8 th or 9 day of Navratri …
This year Kanjak Pooja fell on April4 th…

the 8 th day (Ashthami ) of the first Navratri of this year!There are Four Navratris every year .. just by the way…So if you miss now could do later!

The young girls are worshipped as embodiments of Goddess Durga.  

The festival is special… it asks all to cherish and respect the girl child … 

Indeed a very progressive 


Here is a picture of Durga Ma defeating the demon Mahashur …

So How to make the Chana , Halwa Poorie??
Let’s begin with the Halwa!

Many types ..Semolina / Flour  HALWA …..but decided to go straight for the kill .. the KADA PRASHAD  served in Gurdwaras..

Rich and delicious!!!!

And simple to make too!

I cup wheat flour

1 cup ghee 

1 cup sugar 

4 cups water…

Watch ! 

Will be ready in a trice …!

Remember to spend a little time Roasting,

 ( bhunoing) the flour before adding the sugar syrup….

And now for the KAALA CHANA..
Soak overnight 1 cup of black chana …

Boil in water with a little salt ..

And the rest is simple simple…

So here it is .. Halwa /Chana / Poorie!

Simple ! Wholesome!


Now to Serve….

Beginning with 9 year old niece SANA LAMBA….the girl with the golden voice!

 Next …..the other 8!!
Will somehow Find and Feed !!!

And then of course the Whole Family!

No choices here….

Quick ,healthy ,tasty food!!!

Try to make today!!


4 thoughts on “Indulge with Isabella….Halwa,Chana,Poorie

  1. Dear Isabella, you did it again. Simplifying everything. From Simple, tasty, wholesome recipes to dancing videos. Hats off to you.


  2. Superb photo-essay on a Hindu tradition that is relevant. enjoyed reading it. Like the idea of connecting food with tradition.


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