Indulge with Isabella… Beat the Heat and more!

Hiiii all!It’s me … Isabella

 And it’s hot hot hot !

NEED of the HOUR …something QUICK to beat the summer heat…

 Here it is…



Take 1 1/2 cups of water.. BOIL!

Add 1 1/2 tsp tea leaves

Some lemon grass

Let’s go…

Now take a tall glass 
Fill with ice , juice of 1 juicy lemon


1 1/2 tsp sugar !

Simply pour the strained tea into the glass.

Garnish with a lemon slice and mint leaves…

Cool !Refreshing !Easy!
HARK Isabella….!

The NEED of the HOUR is NOT lemon iced tea .. 

It is …


Goodness Gracious…

Is that you Goru ??!

Or that crazy Twinny??

Long Island iced tea JUST  LOOKS the same….

BUT it’s one POTENT MiX! 
Half ounce each of (hold your breath)….

vodka ,gin ,rum ,tequila ,triple sec .. a little bit of 

sugar ,lemon and coke!!!

If you drink this …
You will soon be reeling and rolling in wild abandon in the scorching sun!!

You much safer with 


Who /What the heck is that??

Oh it’s 


Minoo knows..!

the SECOND most drunk liquid in the world..

After water!

Oh really ??!

Thought it would have been milk or beer!

Tea… the most comforting drink ever!

 Amruta …you a cool tea drinker…..
What’s in that cheery cuppa??

 Tea ☕️ Leaves 

Depending on which stage one stops the processing…at the Plucking stage, the Rolling Stage, the Withering Stage or the Oxidising Stage….the leaves, colour and properties CHANGE!!

WHITE tea is what one begins with…
And it 

Is ‘ahem ‘white!

Made from ‘JUST PLUCKED ‘leaves…. !

Has a simple pure taste..( how else to describe??) 

But promises more … prevents premature aging!

GREEN tea has been PLUCKED and ROLLED
and is readily served straight in hot water.. not much ado .. rich in catechins…which have anti -oxidant properties !

Also laxative and blood thinning!

ROLLED out is Right!

And then there is the full bodied BLACK TEA …full of energy!
Here the tea leaves are PLUCKED , ROLLED, WITHERED, OXIDISED… and strong in flavour..from Darjeeling ,Assam, the Nilgiris! Great …plain Black, or with milk and sugar…

These are the mainstay of our ‘CHAI’

Masala, Plain, Irani or Cutting!! 

We have so many varieties right from Kashmiri kahwa to South Indian double chai 

Almost as though we had a patent for 

Chai !!!

Surprisingly the oldest tea DID NOT originate in India .. it was served FIRST in CHINA… long back as 2700 BC!

From there it spread to the JAPANESE in 500 BC .. who made quite a CEREMONY of it!

And then onto 52 countries!!!

OOLONG TEA….. or Black Dragon tea …is the most popular CHINESE  tea and HARDEST  to make!

But certainly worth drinking ….OVER and OVER  again as believed to be slimming …Eureka!

FINALLY the answer to Radhas WEIGHT  LOSS woes !

So which is your HOT favourite tea Amruta??

Oh without a doubt it’s EARL GREY BLACK…Isabella!

Was introduced to it by classfellow Seema .. it is super delicious!

Served WITHOUT milk or sugar .. but definitely a cookie or two!

Very very British!

And most ART LOVERS crazy about tea,
teapots ,teacosies….!

Come on Amruta 

show us your personal collection..!

So here is a polished teak one from Hongkong..

And metal ones from Nepal…

Porcelain teapots from Japan and Thailand ..

Teapots used for other things too…!

Teacosies… keep your cuppa warm…

Great! ! And your most unusual…??
Yes .. rather unusual!

Why that oversized spout ???

Well this was an ‘Imperial teapot ‘used by CHINESE SUBJECTS to serve their EMPEROR!!

Like so…..

One had to be discreet and pour from a servile distance so as not to disturb or hear what the Emperor and his Ministers were talking about!
Amruta you not doing too well with the pouring…

Suggest you beat a 🏃hasty retreat!

The Merciless MINGS 😫may summon you for a good BEATING or their usual punishment… SERIAL SLICING!


I better sprint 🚴‍♀️off too!

Hiave gallons of lemon iced tea to prepare!!!


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