Indulge with Isabella… Quick Mix!

Hi all !It’s me….Isabella..!

Today’s recipe is dedicated to someone EFFERVESCENT and BUBBLY … friend from overseas …SHIRIN…

Here she is …

A gynaec/ obstetrician ….she has precious little time..
To cook and conjure up culinary delights ..

So here is one SIMPLE recipe …Right up her street….

Which would make her husband Dr DARIUS MIRZA ( the worlds foremost liver specialist!)

blush with pride… 

A CHOCOLATE CAKE made in less than 10 mins!

In lO mins ?


Simple ……Assemble 

2 packets of chocolate Oreo biscuits

1/2 to 3/4 cup of milk 

And the ‘SECRET ‘ ingredient ..!’


I tsp of ENOS FRUIT SALTS is the secret ingredient??!
Are you crazy Isabella???

No no no …Twinny …

Enos has been around since 1850.

It’s 170 years old!

JAMES ENO had a patent on it ..great for indigestion, bloating ..Am I right Darius?

Safe even in pregnancy !

Used to come packaged in these large antique glass bottles…

And advertised a lot .. Look at these vintage Edwardian ads .. promoting Enos fruit salts…
Yes… Advertising was necessary even back then!

So here I am using Enos for its’ LEAVENING or RISING property !

Easy because 

Enos contains 60% soda bicarbonate 40% citric acid .. this combo could make anything rise …!

Pancakes,Khaman Dhoklas , Idlis , Dahi -Wadas, maybe even doughnuts 🍩!


Moreover it’s vegetarian……..Eggs …the other great leavening agent aren’t !
Of course one could also leaven with baking soda , baking powder , yeast , air, steam, cream of tartar…

So WHEN  do   you propose to bake this cake .. 6 mins are already up! 

You should have at least preheated the oven Isabella!!

No no Twinny ..

No need for the oven !

I am going to use the MICROWAVE…


The cake will rise, rise rise !

And hey presto .. it will be ready!


Now bring it out .. LET IT COOL! Yes cooling takes a little time…..

Then turn it upside down on a pretty plate…
Like so ..

Serve with vanilla Ice cream . ….Garnish with chocolate sauce and crunchy Bournvita!

Divine Death by Chocolate!! Yummy!

Pour yourself Baileys Irish cream ..for a job well done !
Yes yes the very same … Irish whisky and chocolate coffee cream liqueur…

Over plenty of crushed ice!!!

Dessert and nightcap ready !

Cheers SHIRIN…..!

May you forever be like ENOS….



Yes.. she truly loves the Bubbly !😊!

Loads of love …..Byeeeeee!

Enjoy ….!


8 thoughts on “Indulge with Isabella… Quick Mix!

  1. You are so fabulous- even a non cook who lives on single malts can do this – looks great -will be feeding it to Darius.


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