Travels with Twinny… Hungary…. the people!

Hi all .. its me Twinny !Back from HUNGARY !

No! No ! This country …

Is NOT related to Attila the HUN

NOR is it  full of HUNGRY people!

In truth ….it is absolutely Wonderful !

3 great attributes of these great Siberian settlers … the Magyars…..with GENES ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the rest of Europe….


Brawn ! Brawn! Brawn!

The number of Olympic medalists from this country of a paltry 10 million .. shocking !

Champion swimmers 🏊

Canoeists 🛶

FENCERS 🤺 and 🤸‍♂️ gymnasts!

Water polo specialists!
BUDAPEST , the capital…

Likely to be the seat of the 2020 olympics!

Big big ones…!

Ever wondered where the RUBIKS CUBE came from.. mystery ends in Hungary..

ERNO RUBIK invented!

Yes ..they use their second names first! Just like other Easterners… the Chinese/ Koreans!

Fellow traveller ARVIND GUPTA got whiff of this instantly….

Introduced himself as GUPTA ARVIND…

Well done Arvindji 👍!

Small things like BALLPOINT PENS and SAFETY MATCHES were discovered in Hungary …
So also large things  like  HELICOPTERS!  Wow!

Ok ok .. Leonardo Da Vinci drew the first helicopter in the 16 th century ..

but it was IGOR SIKORSKY

Who actually designed  the first SUCCESSFUL one!

And The line up of NOBEL LAUREATES …simply daunting!

Not to forget the great ”ESCAPE ARTIST” HOUDINI…he was born here .. a Hungarian! Of course he ‘escaped ‘to New York and did all his amazing stunts there..each one a test of resilience and ingenuity …!


What a combo!

Here’s a pic of a museum in his name..

Up in the ‘BUDA ‘part.. or ‘HILLY’ part of Budapest ,near the Buda castle ..

The ‘PEST ‘ part ( pronounced Paish)
Is the ‘PLAIN ‘part of Budapest… literally flat .. 3  times the size of Buda….hey …but there’s nothing ‘plain ‘about it…..

the worlds third largest PARLIAMENT building ….on the River Danube .. is a sight to behold !

As are the numerous buildings ..each beautiful, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Neoclassical ….all part of the great Austria- Hungarian Habsburg empire.
Great it WAS!

Now dimunitised from the proverbial BRAIN of EUROPE

To the Baby HEART of EUROPE!

Just look at the buildings…

Hey Twinny … are digressing!
You started with …

Hungarians are Brawny

And Brainy

….and ???

ooh lala .. hang in there Amruta ….they are


Land of FERENC LISZT the maverick composer..

Of actors ZSA ZSA Gabor , TONY CURTIS

…Of WILLIAM FOX…. founder of 20 th century Fox!

Here’s a picture of the perfect LISZT!

Brawn/ Brains / Romantics

What more could a gal want??!

Yes ! Yes!

But I have to tell you Amruta …
the MOST number of SUICIDES in this world are in Hungary !



And of the Seven bridges crossing the Danube .,

From Buda to Pest …..And vice Versa .. the Chain Bridge , the Margeret Bridge etcetc ..the one ‘MOST  CHOSEN ‘to jump from is the LIBERTY Bridge!!

Heavens ho! IRONICAL!

Why oh why Twinny??
Its something to do with Hungarian history ..Amruta …

Too often has Budapest been destroyed !

Too often has it been rebuilt !

Bombed over and over again.. by the Turks, then the Germans and finally the Russians..who came ostensibly to HELP rebuild the broken city .. but ….stayed for a long 45 years.. Hungarians finally got independence only in 1989!

They have been ravaged/ ransacked / destroyed OVER and OVER again….defused bombs unearthed every now and then…..No wonder they a depressed lot!

Even the Hungarian National  Anthem is melancholic ….it is rated the SADDEST national anthem in the whole world..!
All 2.3 mins of it.. tch tch tch!

Yet HIGH flies the Hungarian flag … bearing an uncanny resemblance with the great Indian jhanda!
Except there is ‘no wheel’. Look!

Twinny. has a good mind to stick one in..and Change the wheels of fortune!
Of this great country….


Seems impossible…

Hey Twinny….Solve ‘one ‘problem

at a time …

Start with.. …The Rubiks Cube!

Woah  Amruta…..that’s impossible!

Listen Twinny….

NOTHING  is Impossible!

Look…here it is!

In perfect alignment!!


8 thoughts on “Travels with Twinny… Hungary…. the people!

  1. Super excellent coverage dear Twinny………..
    Looking forward to your travel escapades…….
    Arvindji ko salaam..

    You have put the Buda n the Pesta in the right perspective


  2. Wow Twinny and Amruta awesome travelogue of Buda and Pest. On my list of places to go 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼


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