Travel with Twinny.. Vienna…city of Romance

Hi all!It’s me Twinny …

Back from Vienna….

City of PARKS ..800 of them!

City of PALACES…Stunning!

A drive in a tram/ bus/ carriage on the Ringstrasse( the Ring) .. will leave you breathless!

Palace  Walls  dressed with  RENAISSANCE paintings….

each telling a story ..of kings ,queens, ministers… and actual events in history….all paintings  left unsigned!


an obscure image of the painter painted in!

Idea for your next Goru!

Here  are paintings of the Long reigning Marie Theresa..of the Austrian – Hungarian Empire…..The ONLY FEMALE ruler of the Habsburgs … 2017 marks 300 years of her birth centenary!
Portly …
She had 16 children! And…They all Looked ALIKE!

So also did many of the other Hapsburgs! 

Why oh why?

Simple ! The Royals liked to marry AMONGST themselves!
Uncle to niece ,Brother to first cousin , as Franz Joseph ( the longest reigning king.. 68 years) to the beautiful Elizabeth .. Sisi her pet name…

‘PHOTOSHOP ‘ must have existed in the late 18th century…  NO trace of smallpox scars on the children’s faces!

And how ever was Mozart sitting and playing on the piano… in Maria Theresa’s court ….when he wasn’t even born!

The men sported WHITE WiGS …
Why oh Why ?? Simple again!

It was in FaSHION!

Lords used white chalk to colour their hair white.. washing very rarely …

Lice/ flees a regular feature!

Royals didn’t want unnecessary smells!

For the ladies…’CHAMBER POTS’ ( tucked under the bed) were regularly used!

How to use?

Lift the layers of your flouncy skirt and do your thing … and cleaning?? Douse lavishly with perfumes!

DISPOSAL of the CONTENTS of the chamber pots …was done by servants !

And the huge 

Schoenbrunn palace had plenty …2000 precisely!

Hey you ..Amruta the art lover…have a look at the Chamber pots .. some even  Pretty!

Just like one goes from Bombay to Goa for a holiday .. the princes and princesses moved from SUMMER Palace  to  WINTER palace to ‘ IN BETWEEN ‘palace …Sisi Palace outside Budapest..and if tired of these….
out …they would go riding into the forest gardens as Princess Elzabeth often did …

To meet her lover … Yes Isabella ….she had one!

The equestrian skills of Royals and Aristocrats were honed at the brilliantly baroque
Spanish Riding School of Vienna .This school is now 450 years old!

And it is here that 

Majestic ,White Lippizaner stallions ,from the Iberian part of Spain are TRAINED to dance …To compositions by Johaan Strauss /Mozart…. played by 

the Viennese Philharmonic orchestra !

A treat to watch …..

Even their morning exercises!

Horses taught to walk with high steps, trot daintily ,canter ,leap ,even pirouette !

All in synchrony ….just like ballerinas!!

Admirable and Bewildering !

Viennese Operas !
Viennese Art galleries!

VIENNA (pet name WIEN as on river Wien) is REPLETE 

With everything !

‘The KISS ‘ painted by GUSTAV KLIMT .. is symbolic of Romantic Vienna …And seen Everywhere!

 ….on pillow covers/ plates jewellery boxes!

The ORIGINAL PAINTING of course is housed in the Belvedere Museum!

Guarded as are the ……
GLOBES in the Globe MUSEUM,

CLOCKS in the Clock MUSEUM… 

POTS in museum for Sanitary ware and FURNITURE 

Haha!Vienna has a museum for everything!

The last a revelation!

Twinny of firm opinion that the WATER CLOSET or Wc was probably the MOST DESIRED invention ever!

Thankyou George Jennings!
Universities/ SIGMUND FREUDS home / The worlds OLDEST ZOO / 
The worlds OLDEST working FERRIS wheel !(1897).. All in Vienna!

Oh my God..,πŸ˜°πŸ€”πŸ˜±!
Where to go ? What to do?


START the day with coffee at a coffee house … coffee culture is a melange of everything Wien!

Have a MIDMORNING break at a cafeteria … rich chocolate Sacher torte with another round of coffee…Revive the art of conversation!
LUNCH at a sausage stand in Vienna city centre
Followed by 

raspberry torte and coffee at coffee house again!

DINNER at a rustic wine tavern………
Weiner schnitzel followed by Apple Strudel followed by coffee nightcap

The Viennese just LOVE their coffee!!!

With all this coffee…Twinny on COMPLETE COFFEE HIGH!


to dance the ..

Viennese waltz.. !
FLOW ALONG darlings!

This WALTZ is all about love, romance ,waves….



Meet you in Prague!

This episode dedicated to my beautiful kid sister Geetu and handsome brother in  law Gaurang…..

Happy Anniversary Darlings!

Life is to romance!

Love forever and ever!!!Muah ! Muahhh!
PS…..Geetu …. here’s a novel idea…..since we in Vienna and on romantic note….

How to…..

Oh no ! Twinny you better πŸƒ !!! Geetu’s going to kill you !

11 thoughts on “Travel with Twinny.. Vienna…city of Romance

  1. Vienna through Twinny ‘s eyes even more beautiful informative and memorable than going in person.excellent Twinny


  2. Hi Twinny …. Vienna a city full of Parks Palaces Paintings ” Pots” Romance and coffee. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜˜


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