Indulge with Isabella… food to delight 

Hi all !It’s me Isabella….Phew! FINALLY  it’s MY turn! 

Today’s ride different .. Taking you across Eastern Europe …in a BLIMP..!

Why on Earth ……in a blimp Isabella??!
Simple!    From up here .. there are no countries ,no boundaries……All free flow…Come on , join me..!  Let’s go!!

First stop..VIENNA… City centre ….A Pakistani restaurant.. DERWEINERDEEWAN
serving delicious mouthwatering PAKISTANI  food..!

Thronging with students from the Austrian university ..
Rules simple ..

Eat …as much as you like..!

Pay …as much as you wish to!


What did I tell you Twinny ….

The world a great place …where FOOD  is concerned …you can get  ANY  TYPE, ANYWHERE! Even for free!

Look ! Look! 

Here’s   A  VIETNAMESE Restaurant … PRAGUE ..SaSAZu .. !

Along with the sesame honey pork chops.. a
delectable  THAI PAPAYA SALAD served here… Made  a little differently…

Let me show you how..

Todays APPETIZER  and RECIPE no 1…

Take RAW green papaya , Grate.. ! Chill .!

Now make a mixture of garlic/red chillies/ palm sugar and lemon juice ..and 
A little salt ….

Pour over ..and blend ,blend ,blend !

Garnish with roasted cashew nuts , cut into bits,not the usual peanuts!
And coriander leaves.. Voila!  

Serve with Rice Papad!


THAI PAPAYA SALAD from Czech land! Terrrific!

NOW WHERE  TO  Isabella?? 


Bratislava ??? Never heard of this place Isabella! 


Twinny …..This is the fairy tale , pedestrian only ,

compact CAPITAL of SLOVAKIA..!  

And the name of this cafe ….ZEPPELIN!

Good grief ! Don’t you think Isabella…… this 

Zeppelin and Blimp business getting much too much???

No no Twinny ….Zeppelins and Blimps are TOTALLY DIFFERENT .. 

Zeppelins are Rigid Airships…

Blimps are balloons with fins and engines…

Likewise  the TEA served here  TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

GINGER TEA…..RECIPE no 2 coming right up..!

Take GINGER…lots of it , slice very small , Put in tall glass….Garnish with tons of mint 🍃 leaves
And honey 🍯 

A dash of lemon juice …

Of course hot water!


Now WAIT…. for the taste to emerge!

Done!!! So simple .. 
Just 1 tip .. for  NATURAL flavours to emerge use TONS of  NATURAL ingredients!!

Onto SZENTENDRE .. The Artists Village.. just outside Budapest…

Wow ..look 👀..

Isabella .. Thought MARZIPAN only meant to be eaten…. yes yes.. I know NATURAL INGREDIENTS… just HONEY  and ALMONDS!

But this honey almond concoction can be rolled into dough and shaped into figures !

Just like Wax..!


Great Isabella .. but  CANT  EAT  these!

And am superhungry!    Hang in there Twinny ..

Am taking you up a street to have LANGOS ….

What the heck is that ?

 Langos  …is  Hungarian street food 🥘!

Grandmums favourite recipe! And today’s RECIPE number 3 ..  the Main Course!

Watch! Just  Three simple steps…

Make a BHATURA…..Bhatura???

 Yes..!  The very same of Chana / bhatura fame!

Bhatura and  Hungarian fried bread or Langos…. is more or less the same!!

 Or  at least …,,they taste the same!

Here is the Bhatura …

 Paint a little garlic paste …

Follow up with sour cream or better still …HUNG CURD…..
that’s easy to make .. literally HANG the CURD!

Flavour with roasted cumin and sugar…and place on bhatura !

Now…Garnish with masses of shredded cheese!
 And EAT  instantly… Hot , Hot!
Can serve in Budapest! Or in Mumbai ..!

So what if ingredients are different.. Adapt with whatever  locally available ……..VARIATIONS LIMITLESS!

Make anything you want ..

Without  restriction or boundary!


Czech papaya salad, Slav Ginger Tea ,

Punjabi Langos….

FUSION  FOOD  simply delightful!

Jolly Good !! Well done Isabella!

Have Decided to award you this cap!

But first …
PLEASE PLEASE  get off that Blimp!

Oh alright Twinny …. As you say!

CAPTAIN er….CHEF  ISABELLA always at your service!!!


4 thoughts on “Indulge with Isabella… food to delight 

  1. Hi Isabella! My mouth was literally watering with each recipe…you got the concoctions perfectly!!
    And I loved the friendly banter with Twinny…quite amazing the range of food in the unlikeliest of places…thanks! Really enjoyable. Will update you when I have tried all these recipes…


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