Art with Amruta….Art of the Gods

Hiiiiii all!!It’s Me ….Amrutaaaaaa!

 You a trifle EXUBERANT  today Amruta…


Goodness gracious Amruta… what are you doing???!

Haha Twinny ! That’s NOT  me!
It is Navratri…..Raas Garbar time!  

And yes am  Ready to do a Tandav in front of all the beautiful images of  deities all around !

Ever wondered where these beautiful pictures came from Twinny ??!
NO NEVER Amruta!

Guess SOMEONE SOMETIME must have drawn them!

Yes yes you are right Twinny!
Believe it or not was 



(1848 – 1906)

Given a KAISER -e-HIND citation.. here he is…

Even a CRATER on the 🌙 moon is named after him!
Good grief Amruta ! That’s Amazing!

But Why Soooo many awards?? 

Simple Twinny.. !!

Close your eyes.. 

Try to picture Goddess LAXMI…

Is THIS the image you imagine??

Well this was HIS version of the Goddess !

 Now think of Goddess SARASWATI…

 Or for that matter…SHAKUNTALA or the various scenes from the EPICS or PURANAS..

All these and many many more…..Were painted by Raja Ravi Varma !!!!
He gave faces to all our Gods!

His paintings are everywhere ….

Reaching the humblest of homes.!

HOW Amruta??!

Simple Twinny !

He started a printing press (in 1894!)


WHERE Amruta?
Believe it or not …in GHATKOPAR ,Mumbai!

Then later in MALAVLI near Lonavala ..!

His paintings of Hindu Gods /Goddesses, 

of  Mythological stories …

were churned out from this very press …in huge numbers …on calendars ,posters !

Available CHEAPLY in bazaars! 

No wonder his art is called 




Ok ok Amruta .. but ONLY pictures of gods and goddesses??!
No no Twinny !

Raja Ravi Varma himself was closely related to the matriarchal ROYAL family of TRAVANCORE. ….so many of his paintings feature 

 aristocratic women in sublime finery and rich drapery …

Strong , beautiful , palpable women !

Full of grace and charm!

Just look at the detailing ,colours and elegance! GORGEOUS PORTRAITS in OIL…Borrowing elements from European realism
Mixing with indian sensitivity ….


Here is the LADY with the LAMP……..

The lady posing for this masterpiece is still she is……

Absolutely EXQUISITE 
Absolutely REAL ..

This art form also called 


It was indeed a privilege to OWN a Raja Ravi Varma painting
But to do so one also had to be RICH!

To make his paintings more affordable 


Amruta what the heck are lithographs???
LITHOS means stone …

GRAPH means to write 

( In Greek of course)

Lithography Originated in Bavaria in 1796!

The painting to be copied is traced on a rough Stone…

Then using the property of immiscibility of oil and water.. an AUTHORISED COPY of the painting is made ..

Of course …In a series of steps…

The PRICE of the lithograph is way cheaper than the the original painting …Many painters like Picasso / Hussain 

Certified their lithographs!

This way more persons could OWN ….if NOT the ORIGINAL painting ,the closest to it!

At this same time…….In the west….HENRI de TOULOUSE LAUTREC

( 1864- 1901) , the extremely talented alcoholic dwarf artist 

popularised POSTER art …

With his flair for painting ,printing ,
lithography and caricature …

He depicted life in gay Paris .. the cafes / brothels/ moulain rouge/ the theatre/ the circus

Here are some of his paintings and posters …

It is said .. if there were no Henri LAUTREC..
There would be no ANDY WARHOL…

And surely you know who that is Twinny!!

Oooooh Amruta .. I just love this idea of  

In fact …

Am READY to SIT  for a portrait right away !

Summon the Artist !
Only a modern -day Raja Ravi Varma will do!

Will Promise  to gift you a PRINTED COPY  OR a  NUMBERED LITHOGRAPH , Amruta!
And yes …..

Will keep one for that bimbo Isabella too!
Come on …

Pass me that basket cover….!

Shall place it so ….

 Almost ready !
And now…..

‘LADY with LAMP ( er light bulb!)’!!!2017!
Oh Twinny ….you are crazy !

Keep waiting!!! What do I care??!

Byeeeee… !!!!!

17 thoughts on “Art with Amruta….Art of the Gods

  1. This is an amazing collection. The Raja Ravi Verma collection is wow. He has truly given us the visual scaffoldings for Indian Gods and Goddesses. Thanks so much


    1. Interesting question!
      I think he had more than one muse..
      Women he came in contact with, possibly had a relationship with..
      All were very very feminine, beautiful and intelligent looking ..
      There was a certain poise and dignity .
      They appeared to be thoughtful and accepting of what life had to offer..
      Who knows what that was!


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