Travel with Twinny .. Seville

Disappointment writ large on our faces!

12,500 Tickets to the Bullfight at the


all SOLD out !!!

How could one visit SPAIN and NOT witness a MATCH between MAN and the mighty BULL ??!

No no Amruta, it’s not like what it appears!

BULLFIGHTING in Spain is NOT considered a BLOOD SPORT , rather an ART FORM and very much part of Spanish culture.

Fortunately ,just like outside Bombay Talkies one could earlier procure cinema tickets at blackmarket rates, friendly Spanish touts cheerfuly SOLD us tickets at TWICE the original price,

no doubt for the very BEST seats,

the ones closest to the ring and in the shade! Sol tickets or tickets in the Sun are much cheaper!

You sure were DESPERATE Twinny !

Agreed Amruta!

But then ,when ever would I see a LIVE bullfight ??

Bullfights have been banned in Barcelona since 2010 and animal activist laws may soon do the same in Madrid!

You can see when you visit south of France , Peru ,Cuba …….Twinny !

At least THERE they will NOT fight till the bull drops down DEAD . They will stop short at harassing . No KILLING of the bull!

Shhhhhu Amruta !

It’s not like I am condoning this spectacle . I am just a curious spectator- LET me see!

YELLOW OCHRE is the colour of Seville ,the welcoming ,romantic CAPITAL of ANDALUSIA , home to the Muslim ALCAZAR castle , the gorgeous Gothic CATHEDRAL, also where legendary explorer Christopher Columbus was buried….

YELLOW OCHRE is the colour of the centre of the bullfighting arena!

GRAND is the stage!

Dressed fashionably as though going to the Derby and armed with cushions to sit on the stony steps of this huge arena established since 1700, the heady smell of cigars filling the air , PASSIONATE Spaniards wait for the DRAMA to unfold.

And it does!

The orchestra begins to play, the intrepid matador enters with a prayer on his lips, places his hat on the ground at the centre of the ring

And Ole’

Here charges in the angry 😡 bull!

First , PICADORS try to exhaust the bull with their RED capes ! I learn later the capes need NOT be red, bulls are colourblind!

Just the MOVEMENT of the cloaks is enough to incense them !

Hither thither the maddened animal runs, sinewy despite his bulk !

In come the blindfolded horses , with a HORSEMAN who expertly spears the back of the charging bull …..

…….followed by the picadors

thrusting 2 darts at a time on either side of the bulls spine!

2 this side , 2 that side , 2 back on same side as first!

A total of 6!

The poor ,poor animal already is at a disadvantage, exhausted and bleeding, yet

valiantly fighting on .

The crowd raises white handkerchiefs in appreciation of the brave bulls efforts!

Now struts in the matador .

Ole’! Ole’! Shout the crowd!

Gracefully pirouetting and swirling his cape just inches away from the bulls horns ( the hapless creatures ONLY defence and attack weapon) the matador in a series of well calculated moves majestically spears the heart .

Down falls the doomed animal


be carried away by a train of horses in a trice!

Ole’ Ole’!!

How GRUESOME is this art Twinny !!

Before you become so judgemental Amruta,

consider THIS …….The bull sent in to fight has lounged on a lush bull ranch ,been fed and cared for , for 5 years.

The one that is killed for its meat is just a baby , a bull calf , only 18 months old!

Now WHICH is better?

To die a death in glory,

Or prematurely in the slaughter house?

OMG Twinny!

I can’t say which is worse !

If IBERIAN STEAK were not so delicious , I would have turned vegetarian long ,long ago!


Stop whimpering Amruta !

Am off to Barcelona !

Have to ” catch a bull…

……by its horns ”

…… and procure RINGSIDE tickets for the football match at CAMP NOU , BARCELONA !


NOT at ‘ ANY COST !’

….even if MESSI is playing! 😌

OLE’ !

21 thoughts on “Travel with Twinny .. Seville

  1. Super as usual.
    I think the comparison to cattle raised for meat is a master stroke. I think it’s the humane death ie without stress, of farm bred animals by electrical bolt, that is touted as the difference.
    Interesting insightful piece👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


  2. Odyssey of Andaulasia.Raised many fav memories except for the bull fight .Too gory for me. Super writing skills


  3.’s narrated so well .. I could feel I am in your place.. Excitement to watch and at the same time it a feeling of disgust to see the bull bleed.. By the way happy to you had a wonderful time on your trip and thanks for sharing your Moments with us..


  4. Nice narration. However, after reading it, i feel relieved that i didnt visit the bull fight during my Spanish sojourn last year. Quite gory, isnt it?

    Seville has much better sights than these. Awaiting your next blog on the same….


  5. When we accept that we are not owners of animals and treat them as equal inhabitants of Mother Earth, we will have the right to call our selves human……….shameful and unacceptable by any civilised being.


  6. Great write up! Like you said bull fighting is part of Spanish culture. Hope people let culture be!

    I like your comparison with farm raised animals. Interesting. Never thought of it this way!

    Maybe one day we will ban cricket. Maybe when the grass that we trample while chasing a ball hit by a bat made of a willow wood screams. When the willow tree cries at the pain of being cut.

    Why be partial to one form of life!!!


  7. Could simply feel the emotions and expressions of the moment.

    While reading, we get the insight of a different culture.

    Though have a mixed feeling.

    These things also happen in some Indian places.

    Fear factor.

    But this is life.

    At the end, have to accept it….

    The bull….. getting killed.

    The best part of narration was to die in glory or in a slaughter house.
    Like to die on battlefield, gloriously or else….
    Sounds like dialogues spoken by ancient Kings.


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