Zarah Diaries…in love with lipstick

Anita walked into Zarah clinic on a stormy, ‘ height of Mumbai monsoon’ kind of day when the heavens decide to pour forth.

As she deftly folded her umbrella I noticed she was a tall statuesque woman, who certainly didn’t look her 70 years .

She had attractive aquiline features,

yet , a perceptible tension creased her brow, and deep frown lines furrowed her glabella.

She looked tense , a tad impatient, as if part of the storm raging outside was somewhat within her.

I complimented her on her physical fitness but she brushed it away saying ‘All that is very well ,

but of late I just don’t feel pretty!

My husband is three years younger to me, super fit himself . I frankly feel I look like his schoolteacher!’

I looked at her closely…beautiful silver grey hair, worn high in a French roll, her face aged to perfection, a mute witness to the wisdom she had gathered over the years, just some fine dry skin, typical for her age , and then…

a strict mouth.

‘Can I make a suggestion’, I ventured tentatively.

‘Depends’ she nervously glanced up while the rain clattered unabated at the windows.

A woman’s beauty lies in her lips!

‘Would you be open to being injected with a lip filler??’

Not to produce a pout… just a fullness which is quite becoming !

As we grow older we lose volume not only on our cheeks but on our lips, rendering them drier, thinner and severe!’

‘The filler will give you a soft ,luscious natural look, trust me, I am known as the Lip Queen!’ I joked wanting to lighten the moment.

Anita was surprisingly very open to the idea.

In no time I had whisked out a light

US FDA-approved hyaluronic acid lip filler premixed with an anaesthetic and injected small amounts along her lip line, in the cupid and a little extra in the mid lower lip.

No pout, just a hydration!

In a few minutes Anita was transformed to a softer version of herself… and I could see she couldn’t help smiling!

India invented the art of kissing I informed her, ‘go forth my child and practise’ I joked in teacher mode myself!

Lips are super sensuous erogenous zones rich in nerve endings, so a little pain is expected whilst doing the procedure but aftercare is practically nothing…

a little bit of ice that’s all!

Just be normal I told her,

soon your husband will be following you around like a panting puppy dog!

The downpour steadied to a drizzle finally as Anita left the clinic that day, happier and lighter as if walking on air, confident with her new brush with femininity.

I smiled satisfactorily at myself in the mirror while I painted a scarlet shade of lipstick πŸ’„to match my red chiffon saree of the day! Red lipstick is a healer, a mood enhancer and probably a woman’s second best friend!

‘Chin up !’ I said to myself .

Ageing no doubt is inevitable …

And wasn’t it Rhett Butler from the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ …. who famously said ‘ ‘ Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn !’

I don’t either….

….Armed as I am with my stash of Botox and Fillers !!



9 thoughts on “Zarah Diaries…in love with lipstick

  1. If you believe in Rhett Butler then why go through the Botox, Fillers …..
    Let bygones be bygones and live today as if there is no tomorrow. Cheers


  2. Wow!!
    If it preps you up….. Why Not?
    But it was your timely advice that really set her going………
    Your aura made her amenable.


  3.’s the art of making patients fall in love with you and have them smiling when they leave Zarah.. we are proud to work with you.😊.You look awesome in Red lipstick πŸ’„..


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