Travel with Twinny .. love from Russia

Hi all !

It’s me Twinny .. reporting from chilly

St Petersburg , Russia πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί …

Dressed in aristocratic Russian cap , muffler and gloves…

St Petersburg founded in 1703 by Peter the Great is an incredibly beautiful city with elegant churches, palaces , canals …90 at last count ….the Venice of the East !

Its RICH too!

Capital of Russia for 300 years , it was home to several generations of Russian TSARS .

Both The HERMITAGE and Catherine’s SUMMER PALACE designed by Bartholomew Rastrelli bear testimony to the EXTREME WEALTH of the Romanovs……..

The palaces are replete in opulent splendour housing the world’s biggest Vase ,

the world’s biggest chandelier ,

Walls of amber and lapis lazuli ,

Pillars of malachite ,

Cabinets inlaid with tortoise shells ,

Pink porcelain vases gilded with gold,

Gigantic Tapestries,

Clocks , writing desks, sledges, ..


In a bid for a more equitable distribution of wealth the Bolsheviks under Lenin deported Nickolas the second , his wife , four daughters and lone son to Siberia in 1917 .

They were subsequently brutally killed making

Nikolas the LAST Romanov , the LAST TSAR to rule Russia .

At the time of his death , he was touted to be the richest man on the PLANET !

Blimey !

This blog is dedicated to a girl by the name of DILKHUSH whose birthday it is today .

Presently she is shooting as creative director for an Indian period film in Indore which is taking an excruciating 2 years to make !

But then all things of great beauty DO take TIME for their creation !

Here in St Petersburg, the Jeweller PETER CARL FABERGE took TWO years (averagely ) to create an EGGSHAPED bejewelled case for the Royal family , even though it was just 2 1/2 to three inches in size !

Several such eggs were made …

The Imperial FABERGE EGGS !

These eggs were mystifying masterpieces in gold and precious stones gifted by the Tsar to his wife or mother each year at EASTER .

The tradition began in 1885 when Alexander the third gifted a FABERGE EGG to his wife . So enthralled was she .. that the tradition just carried on !

The original Faberge egg was probably the simplest in design . A white enamel case, a gold yolk , a little gold hen with a pendant inside ….Yet it is valued at between 3-4 million US dollars today !

Goodness gracious !

Each Faberge egg was UNIQUE and held a FASCINATING SURPRISE ,created with supreme craftsmanship, WITHIN !

There were 50 eggs in all , seven were lost , and some were resold .. The QUEEN of ENGLAND owns three and JEFF BEZOS, the owner of Amazon owns one…along with several other enamelled Faberge creations.

But back to DILKHUSH !

She is actually a very simple girl but one with surprisingly exquisite taste !

On her SEVENTH Birthday her mother organised a TREASURE HUNT for her and her seven friends .

Here she is .. wearing a suede grey gown and pendant…

Imagine the shock of her friends when after hours of searching .. the treasure unearthed turned out to be nothing more EGGZOTIC than an EGG!

A simple EGG ??!!

They were aghast!

They were expecting a PRINCESS BARBIE complete with tiara and gown.. and all they got was a silly egg !

Quickly and innovatively they smashed the hapless egg on Dilkhush’s bewildered head !

She was livid but did not show it ( as is her nature).

Holding back her tears , she gamely shot off to the kitchen fridge , took out a handful of fresh farm eggs and proceeded to smash each one of her friends with them!

What an EGGCITING turn of events !

Well not EGGZACTLY !

This was 20 years ago !

Do you remember Dilkhush ??

This year , on your 27 th birthday , to make up for your mothers RIDICULOUS sense of humour , I , Twinny would like to gift you a FABERGE EGG …..

Bought here in St Petersburg…..

And sent all the way FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE!

Faberge Eggs???


These are MICRO-MINI imitations but

you can choose from THREE ..

Wear as charms on a bracelet or as pendants on a chain ..Like so…


The world is your oyster ..….er Egg Darling !

‘ Hatch ‘ it the way you wish

🐣 !

My my ….You’ve come a long way KARINA!

May the road ahead be



Happy happy birthday darling braveheart daughter…

Love you forever

Mama ❀️

11 thoughts on “Travel with Twinny .. love from Russia

  1. That’s an eggquistic Birthday wish to Karina … Happy Birthday Karina !!!

    Twinny your Russian tales are fantastic.. love the eggstravagantly beautiful museums and the intricate eggs.


  2. Hey , Twinny am sure yu had a great time, reading about your tales about Russia has already made me to pack my bags for a visit there..

    Your travel takes are really super next time you think about a destination keep in mind too.




    1. Haha Harry !
      For a guy is always on the move and living out of a bag ., one more trip ??
      Not asking for toooo much ??!
      2019 … get Anita ready ., and let’s do something ambitious like Cuba/ Jamaica/ Morocco/ the Moon!!!!


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