Zarah Diaries … Sarees must have a border ☺️!

It was a warm April morning the day Nihaal ,a 45 yr old business tycoon walked into my clinic.

”Good morning Doc !”

he said , taking off his Gucci shades, ”I am not exactly sure what is bothering me but definitely something is amiss! I FEEL dynamic, on -the -go , but DONT LOOK it !”

It took me all of one minute to size up my handsome patient but how was I to tell him???

That Nihaal, my dear, you need a Brow job !!

An EYE BROW job to be more precise !

Eyebrows frame a face …uplifting it instantly !

They introduce a person even before he speaks !

One would think that eyes are expressive but eyebrows can really blow your mind away !

A twitch here, a raise there , the nuance of a dip there !

Expressing surprise , anger , joy , defeat , devotion ! The animation they give your face is limitless !

What if these seemingly unimportant part of ones countenance were missing or were thinned out considerably as were Nihaals??!

What was one to do?

Use hair sprouting solutions for an endless length of time?

So time consuming and results not even satisfactory, especially if one has a concomitant autoimmune condition .

How about then , an Eyebrow enhancement with micro pigmentation as a viable option ??

Suggesting such a solution to a woman usually makes her squeal with pleasure , but suggesting the same to a man is like crushing his manhood !

I ventured delicately !

”Nihaal, I must say you are are really tall !

Did you play basketball for your college team ?

Must have been quite a catch for those pretty young gals with your superbly cut , square jawline, your Roman nose !

And even at 45 , your forehead hardly has any creases .. and those that are there ,show character !

What could do with some improvement however , are your eyebrows! Have they diminished over the years?

They seem a tad thin , a tad insipid !

Not that I would advocate a bushy unibrow and – yes – it is all hogwash that unibrows are directly proportional to male virility!”

Nihaal looked himself up and down , from head to toe in the huge mirror in front of him , while I continued,

”But colouring yours with a technique akin to tattooing would bring back the dynamism you are looking for !”

The procedure is called

MicroPigmentation or Microblading and it is performed with a special vibrating needle using very special pigments at a level more superficial than a conventional tattoo, hence there is no bleeding . It is semi permanent , lasting 3-5 years.

It would take me two hours to do a single session but the results are terrific ! Your eyebrows will look fuller , more expressive , even make a statement .. and not a jarring one at that!”

” This might sound crazy Doc but I was hoping against hope you would NOT notice my eyebrows!

Now, you are going to give me a killer set of eyebrows and make a woman out of me !”

” On the contrary , Nihaal !

Haven’t you heard ‘Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance ,

They happen by appointment!

To begin with …the male eyebrow is tattooed differently … they are not arched like those of females , they are flatter , they are also thicker .

Each stroke is like a hair strand , and all the strokes are set very close to each other !


I will use anaesthetic cream an hour prior , draw a precise shape with ruler measurements and then tatoo in .

Micro pigmenting eyebrows is more than just a treatment , it is an ART !!”

Nihaal looked at himself again and again , this angle now, that profile next !

He somehow got convinced that for him micro pigmentation was indeed the ONLY way forward !

He scheduled his procedure that very day and followed up for a touchup three weeks later!

Once done , he was gratified to note that his friends didn’t notice that his eyebrows had had any work done on them !

They just remarked that of late he seemed to look younger and fresher !

That is the response I most want to get .. that there ‘ IS’ a difference , but noone can say WHAT .

Of all the treatments I have learnt , the one that took me the longest to master was this very procedure of micro pigmenting eyebrows .

Surprisingly it is the most satisfying one too !

Both for the Practitioner and the patient !

No one leaves unhappy !

And let me repeat Eyebrows actually do frame a face !

Just like the black French chiffon saree I am wearing today …!

Here I am in Plain Jane Black ….

And now draped in the same black sheer but with a smart border ..

Come on now … tell me which one looks better ??

Hey , You don’t have to look twice!

Not convinced ?? How about this red Muslin saree

with its striped border ?

Nice ??

Not boring like this one …

Get my drift ???

Sareees must have borders !

Faces must have eyebrows !


22 thoughts on “Zarah Diaries … Sarees must have a border ☺️!

  1. You are an exceptional woman with a talent for convincing! And the end is always the best in what I read of your treatments and your writing! Of course sarees look better with a border. From cloth to a sari! And now I know . Eyebrows turn a face to a person!
    Great reading Radha! Loved it.


  2. You are so right,everything needs to be defined and have a boundary.As usual a beautiful piece,you,the saree and the write up.


  3. Beautifully written up and ends with beautiful girl in beautiful sarees.

    Always look forward for zarahdiaries .


  4. Radhika can’t decide who is prettier of them all…….. ur words or urself ………. easier to say Both😊
    An Ophthalmologist’s thought ……..
    Ode to the Eyebrow
    Likened to the silken swords?
    or the lovers caress?
    Crafted to perfection !!!
    Looming over to beautify the ‘Oculus’
    As if a Bart standing to shield the admirers gaze,
    Defining limits to delineate the extent of the emerald enchant,
    Which casts its mesmerising strength and the softness with many a unspoken words…..
    To enliven the spirit of the damned
    And ignite a glimmer of hope 💡
    Askance with the play of a part
    Or convert to a frown with the corrugator’s dance.
    Would the eyes be so
    But for the meandering adjunctive eyebrows
    Nestling in its cove
    enhancing and magnifying the charm of the mystic 👀
    For many a poet to unfold the virtuous creative expression on the parchment and bards to string many a melodies
    Source of warmth for the crest fallen and wanting hearts
    Oft pierced in pleasing agony with the Cupid’s dart
    Testifying to the unheralded beauty in the proximal hemmed embrace.🙏


    1. RANAJIT… Wowwww!

      My eyebrows have shot to my scalp sheer awe and amazement !
      The poet in you has definitely awakened !
      How well have you written !!
      Kudos dear one ..who knows best the power of the eyes and their guardians too!
      Thankyou for your kind words and the romanticism of your poetry !


  5. Very well written as usual, did realize that good eyebrow s can do wonders to your face as much as a border on a saree,,,great comparitive 😊


    1. Thank you Alka ! Have to weave in a saree somehow !
      Whether discussing eyebrow tattooing or anything else !
      Love them so much !
      Thanks for the appreciation .. it’s world appreciation day today ..
      so double thanks ❤️


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