Travel with Twinny … Hare Rama , Hare Krishna

There is something very divine about Anju !

In the ISKCON family she is known as Anand Mayi Devi Dasi . For me , she is my very gracious , very evolved, ‘Samdhan’!

When she suggested a trip to Mathura along with her very sweet and very practical ‘Samdhan’ , Vandana, I jumped !

We called ourselves ‘ Samdhan Sakhis ‘ and together, we made our way to Brajbhoomi or ‘the land of Krishna ‘ in the auspicious month of Kartik.

‘’Auspicious it is , but you must be patient ‘’ she warned ,’’ The crowds at this time can be overwhelming!’’

The time for me was apt , there was a ‘ Krishna Calling ‘ in my heart . I just had to go !

Brajbhoomi is an ‘84 kos ‘ triangular zone between Agra , Jaipur and New Delhi in the heart of India .

Hundreds of devotees , both from nearby villages to Iskcon centres of distant USA , Europe , Africa travel here , to get a Darshan of the Lord of Love and Compassion , whether it be at a famous temple like Banke Bihari , a kund like Radhakund or at a grove like Nidhivan!

Soon , we were making our way through the winding gullies of Vrindavan , past jalebi shops , bangle sellers , ‘mukut’ Decoraters , flute , ‘dholak ‘ and ‘shingaar ‘shops , undettered by flies , open gutters ,prankster monkeys , wedding processions ,honking rickshaws . In this town the 8 th avatar of Vishnu is everywhere yet not easy to see !

You have to move , in complete surrender, with the heaving crowds to manage a peek of the beauteous Radha Krishna .

In the inner sanctum , the Lord is being bathed , anointed , dressed in scintillating regal splendour .At a precise moment , the curtains open… Maashallah .. in unison there is a gasp of awe !

As one sights the luminous deities one experiences an uplifting energy.

And an uncanny peace .

Seriously !

Krishna Krishna Krishna is what you see and Radhe Radhe is what you hear . It could be used as a greeting , as a phrase to say please move aside , make way , to ask is all well , to wish you goodbye , till we meet again !

Anything and everything in Vrindavan seems to distil into this one expression.

‘Radha’ by the way , means ‘Worship ‘.

Stories of Krishna’s pastimes abound .

That he could speak innumerable languages ,even the language of animals and birds fascinates you .

Most importantly the language of love!

How he played his flute under the kadamba tree , adorned Radha with his own hands , braided her plaits , danced the Ras Leela or the divine dance of love . Ever youthful , handsome , wonderful , wise …

Even when he left his body at 120 years , he looked just 16 !

He loved all , forgave, even granted salvation to his enemies. Now there’s Something to learn in there !

Did this amazing person really exist ??

Yes , yes he evidently did !

5120 years ago !

He was the eight son , born to Vasudev and Devaki in a jail in Mathura , spent his childhood in Gokul , playing in the soft sands of Raman Reti ,killed his evil uncle Kans after which he rested on the banks of the river Yamuna at Vishram ghat .Yes , Even Gods need rest !

All these places and more are here to see in Mathura , in Gokul .. the jail , RamanReti , a deer park , Vishram ghat !

Look! Here’s Raman Reti , the Deer 🦌 park , Vishram Ghat !

An evening tour of Goverdhan with the dynamic physician , Prabhuji Prem Vilas left us mesmerised . On this 21 km Parikrama , partly on foot , partly on tuk -tuks,

he swiftly showed us Goverdhan hill ( the one that Krishna lifted on his finger to save the villagers from Indras thunderous wrath ), Krishnas footprint , his food bowl , even the seat on which he sat!

We saw temples dedicated to Krishnas friends Uddhav and Lautha , a kund dedicated to Radha’s dear friend Lalita , a shrine dedicated to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ( born in 1486) , a reincarnation of Lord Krishna , who revealed ‘krishna ‘ stories to the world .

Below is a picture of the magnificent Kusum Sarover made of red sandstone where the Gopis bathed ,decorated themselves in beautiful shingar , went for moonlit boat rides . How ethereal !

Yes the towering Prabhuji is right behind us .

We lit diyas , we chanted mantras at the gorgeous Radha kund , a lake which the Lord bestowed to his eternal soulmate Radha !

Oh my goodness I thought to myself .. these places REALLY do exist ! Krishna is REAL !

A real person with the hugest persona . With immense powers , a logical mind , full of love and kindness !

Every woman and man wanted a bit of Krishna , to be like him , to be one with him . ‘HOW to be like KRISHNA ?’ I earnestly asked Prabhuji .

‘’CHANT daily ‘’he advised , ‘’Chanting centres you .Use this tulsi mala. Tulsi is Krishna’s favourite . ‘’ he said , gifting me one .

I was touched , but seriously wondered whether I could inculcate this discipline ‘daily’ into my life .

‘’DO SEVA ! Be charitable ‘’ I remembered these sage words of Giriraj Swami as I leafed through the riveting pages of his book ‘ I ‘ll build you a temple’ .

‘’ Well , I do look after my staff at home and at work … is that seva not good enough Swami ji ?!’’

‘’ That is Good , but what is better is ‘selfless seva’

To serve persons whom you donot know , who donot do something for you in return ‘’.👍

‘’FOCUS On that ONE unchangeable constant in your life ! ‘’ offered Swarupa Damodar Das , the head of ISKCON Durban .

I was bewildered ! What possibly could be that ‘one unchangeable Constant’ in one’s life ???

Everyone , everything is in a state of change !Nothing / No one is ever constant !

Then Eureka !The answer hit me ….

God , Allah , Jesus , Buddha , Krishna ! These are the unchangeable constants in our lives !Keep them in the forefront , in FOCUS , you will never be alone ! Am I right , Damodar ji ??

Be clean , Be Selfless , spread happiness . Keep life simple …That’s Krishna’s way !

No stress, no drama ! Hey …just

Hare Krishna, Hare Rama !!

I Thankyou , Anju with all my heart . Unlike the rest of India , Brajbhoomi is caught in some kind of time warp but has Krishna’s love flowing through it , as does the river Yamuna , fresh and full !

Through YOU , I felt HIS love!

Thankyou 🤗❤️✨

9 thoughts on “Travel with Twinny … Hare Rama , Hare Krishna

  1. It’s a wonderful experience to view the world through your eyes, so much more we get to see and perceive than had we visited these places ourselves.
    Got know that Radha means ‘worship’ Seen you worshiping art, human relations, life in general


  2. Superb Radha, very well written . I can correlate with your trip to mathura and you experiencing the spirit of Krishna. Shree and I recently visited Varanasi and felt the same connect with Baba Bholenath and the chant Har Har Mahadev


  3. Superb Radha, very well written . I can correlate with your trip to mathura and you experiencing the spirit of Krishna. Shree and I recently visited Varanasi and felt the same connect with Baba Bholenath and the chant Har Har Mahadev


  4. What a story Radhika ! You literally take the readers at the venue… Follow your path with your mesmerising narration …made me ‘ Krishnamayee ‘ all the way ..must visit this place soon ! Thanks for sharing this !


  5. Radha, your travelogue to Braj bhoomi was really divine. It felt like I visited with you. Your descriptive write up is so unique just like you. Love reading them ❤️


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