New York, New World!

New York was first New Amsterdam because the Dutch christened it so…Then the British came in and renamed it  New York !

Soon came the Irish, Germans, Puerto Ricans and a million or so Jews …
And a huge melting pot of hardy strong DNA’s gave birth to a city .. Probably the WORLDS CAPITAL !!
Wow !! Isn’t Twinny lucky!
What a place to begin a journey ….The Big Apple !!!



New York is the birthplace of so much…
Creativity in theatre, films – you name it!
Creativity in producing conveniences … For everyday living,
Creativity in music… All sorts thrived … Rock and roll, jazz, soul
…The birthplace of Sport, of Mohammed Ali !

The ‘Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee!’ Star of the Ring lived by his own rules!

God Bless his soul!

Here he is with his famous quotes!




SOOOOO New York!

The city’s people were hungry to be the very best… Driving them to produce prodigiously, in all fields.. Making iconic towers …To house the growing populace …as more and more people flocked to the city of dreams…

Be it for Broadway or Wall Street, the city just grew and grew, never giving up..
Not after Black Thursday …

Not after The Great Depression…

Not even after 9/ 11….
New York and its people just somehow  crawled …out of the ashes,
reinventing themselves, Stronger than ever before …

Here’s  the WORLD ONE Tower, Erected  at the site of the destroyed Twin towers ..this is the tallest tower in the northern hemisphere .. And certainly the safest ever constructed ..

A symbol of hope …

Of resilience..

Of strength ..

Seen below, are the overwhelmingly poignant’REFLECTING POOLS’ with the names of the those who perished carved in stone around it.

A tribute …

A memory…

That shall survive…







New York…a place to reflect…

A place to revel..

A place to be just YOU!

You could be chatting up a New York model…


Or simply pretending to be one!!! Ki pharak painda??!


And that’s all folks ..!

That’s all for today’s edition of Travels with Twinny !!

See you next Thursday!