Indulge with Isabella.. Whilst in Spain ….

Hi all …its me Isabella!πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

Sauntering along the meandering lanes of old town Madrid ,alongside several artisans workshops ,came across a quaint cottage – dining inn -called BOTIN

Only to discover that it is


Established in 1725 !

Specialising in traditional Spanish cuisine , the homestyle Iberian Steak cooked in an evergreen oakwood fired oven ,three centuries old ,

was wholesome , flavourful ,simply delicious !

Calorie rich too!

Very different was the

ONLY YOU boutique hotel in Madrid city centre.

Modern ,eclectic ,rated a 9.5 !

Breakfast here is served ‘anytime you want it ‘ from 7.30 am to 11.30 pm !

And the menu uses a vocabulary of ‘healthy ‘ options ,of course ,alien to you Twinny …

A for artichoke , asparagus,anchovies ,

B for Bavarian nuts ,Brussels sprouts

so on and so forth!

Isabella …you know very well I find ‘healthy’ options on a menu disgusting!

Twinny Twinny .. with even the most tentative distrusting bite of this Avocado / Arugula combo your fears will forever be dispelled!

Come on .. see my Presentation for today …a starter


Avocados ,also called ‘alligator pears ‘

are a powerhouse of nutrition .. phytosterols to lower bad cholesterol, potassium ,antioxidants , everything good !

Here are the ‘indian’ and ‘foreign’ variety ..

Yes…the imported ones have the hard rind but the ‘more tender’ inside!

Just flavour the buttery flesh with a little lime and salt , maybe a bit of garlic

then Refrigerate !

Just a step away from a guacamole dip!

Tomato chutney is easy to prepare ..

SautΓ© cumin seeds in oil .

Dunk in onions and boiled deskinned tomatoes in the ratio of 1:7!

Salt ,red chilli powder!

Mash all up..

Done !

Sunflower / pumpkin seeds .. any Tom Dick Harry or Isabella can roast .. what’s to it ?

And Arugula .. just wash and use !

So did KUNAL like this simple preparation?

Have a look Twinny ….

Well Thank Goodness!

Now that you have fed your son in law Isabella … Lets partake of some ‘real food !’

Oh Twinny .. you will never learn …

Here coming up …just for you

One Tapas after another ..

Ham and blueberry yoghurt to begin with..

Next scrambled egg on a wellbuttered scone

Acaiberry soufflΓ© as a sorbet !

SautΓ©ed Mushroom with capsicums and bellpeppers

Hot hot Kebabs

Then cold chicken salad

Ofcourse a pitcher of sangria !

Armed and ready now for the FIFA World Cup final Twinny ??!

YES YES Isabella !

Hey you look a bit Sloshed to me , Twinny…

For that matter …So does the ball .!

Who is playing Isabella??

Croatia / France ??

Best of luck guys !

Go for it … We are all with you !

Twinny / Amruta / Isabella / all



This blog is dedicated to two people ..

KUNAL whose birthday it is today .. a photographer , foodie and football enthusiast.. Happy birthday son!πŸŽ‰

And MALAN… a Romantic and busy radiologist….

Who suggested I have a Camp Nou experience whilst in Spain !

Thankyou dear friend !

As you did say .. the atmosphere in the ROMA VS BARCELONA match was electric!

My interest in football has grown by leaps and bounds ever since !πŸ€

And Messi did do magic with the ball!

Even if that was Then !


15 thoughts on “Indulge with Isabella.. Whilst in Spain ….

  1. My goodness…Isabella and Twinny all this delicious food and Sangria to top it all off made me very hungry.
    Wow how did you duscover the oldest restaurant.
    Happy Birthday to Kunal !!! Today is my future SIL β€˜s bday too so Happy birthday to Amish too. !!!
    Avocado is my favorite.. on toast ,as guac or just plain … yummy
    Love you travelogues Isabella,Twinny and Amruta. Till next time .. Bye


    1. Have goosebumps of pride blushing up my cheek with your comments Rita !
      Thankyou so much !
      Happy Birthday Amish !
      Cancerians are such nice fellows .. emotional , warm , supportive!


  2. Wow..nice to know about Botin.. the oldest restaurant.. wonderful pictures.. Great mouth watering dishes .. mushroom to kebabs and chicken salads..and wonderful time making the avacado toast.. it’s all a lot of calories btw doctor..yes.. healthy food….. And the best part is the last pic… Cheers to the beautiful Lady….πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ


  3. It’s like discovering a new friend… like you’re doing in Spain I am doing to Radha! Excited about the interest in food , laced with humour and above all … the all
    Inclusive family woman! Delightful pictures and more delightful reading!
    Pictures and


  4. Hi
    Superb blog
    Food looks as glamorous as you.
    And happy birthday to your SIL Kyunal ans Rita’s SIL Amish.


  5. The most precious gift you give is the gift of your time and attention.

    Love to see you elaborate the small details for the birthday.

    You have done it as planned from a long time.

    Your love for your daughter, is infinite, shows the beautiful bound you share.

    You are a winner in every way.

    Love you, Dr.


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