Thailand….stilts, sala Thais and more !

Hi all!!!

 No ! No this is not New York!
It is Bangkok!

Believe it or not …

The MOST VISITED city in the world in 2016..!!

Leaving London , NewYork, Paris , Dubai far behind!!

Skyscrapers silhouette the skyline ๐ŸŒƒ..Along side elegant roofs and steeple Buddhist temples…

But the special architectural feature of Thailand … is the SALA THAI .. it is one of the three NATIONAL EMBLEMS of Thailand …the other two being the elephant and the golden shower tree ….
The Sala Thai is an open gazebo or pavilion usually ornate .. shielding against the heat ,rain and muggy weather…it is seen all over Thailand…ranging from the simple to the extravagant ….

As Also are STILT houses!!
Traditionally the Thais built their houses on stilts ..

This was a PRACTICAL move considering 

the numerous ‘canals ‘or ‘khlongs ‘ in and around Bangkok…. aptly named Venice of the East… are stilt houses lining the chaophyra river …

The stilts were usually a man high ..and as
Thais love nature ,having a tree with its fragrant flowers growing around the central room was not uncommon! The area under the home is used multipurposely….as a work area , to keep domestic animals … etcetc

Small rooms usually 3 or 5 in number ( even numbers considered inauspicious!) around the central structure .. could be made in a day ., with prefabricated bamboo which is omnipresent!
Teak used in more sophisticated houses.

Thais living along the waterways lead a simple spiritual life .. 

in both ways …they god fearing and superstitious and also love to drink ..!!especially beer( local brand .. SINGHA!)

Spirited and Spiritual…just like our own Aiyer and Iyer !

This rustic life now fast disappearing with the growth of the skyscraper city….

One of the homes which catches ones eye is Jim Thompsons ..
Now who the heck is Jim Thompson???

Bangkokians maynot know many things .. but they sure know who Jim Thompson is!!

Everyone knows Jim!!

An American architect , he made Bangkok his home ,reviving and commercialising the silkweaving industry in Thailand ..
Made Thai Silk something to reckon with…

JimThompson outlets all over Thailand .. one will go mad with the stuff …

And the prices!!!

Though he disappeared without a trace somewhere in Malaysia.. in 1967 …the silk industry in Thailand flourishes in his name ..

The idea of Weaving silk from silkworms of course 
came from India and China..

But the Thai silkworms fatter!

Producing 250 yards of thread from one unraveled cocoon! Goodness gracious !!

Jim Thompson not the only EXPATRIATE in Bangkok!
Surprisingly many expats have settled here…for several reasons .. 

 The city clean ,calm ,house help easily available and living certainly cheaper … a great place to retire!

Local architecture reflecting European influences is seen …about 250 buildings in Bangkok alone…made in colonial style( though Thailand was never a colonised country!) Echoing

Italian baroque/ Venetian Gothic/ German Art Nouveau…wow!

And most importantly FOOD…both local and continental is abundant …and 


Especially sea food ….

Here they are ….ready-to-cook crabs and lobsters…

Twinny spent a good half day learning intricacies of BASIC Thai cuisine …using galangal ( white ginger)

Palm sugar,kafir ๐Ÿƒ leaves,papaya , chicken ๐ŸŒถ jasmine rice etc etc

Phew ! Ready to serve at last …
Yoohoo Buntoo !

Lunch is ready .. where are you ???


In Indian restaurant in Kohsamui…!!

Eating butter chicken and naan!

Tch ! Tch! Tch !


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